Launching is about to get a whole lot flow-ier.

Done-for-you prep for your next successful launch.

This is for you...

If you've been avoiding launching because it's just too stressful or you don't know where to start...

If you get stuck in perfectionism that is clearly slowing down

the money coming into your business...

If you simply know that you have an amazing program or product to sell, but don't want to get bogged down in the details...

It's possible to have a successful, profitable launch without doing it all yourself.

**This program is by application only and is not exclusive to Manifestors. All types are encouraged to apply! Please ignore the “Buy Now” button in the banner and follow “Apply for Launch Flow” button to fill in the Google application form.**

Apply for Launch Flow

Do you need help deciding whether Launch Flow Service is correct for you?

We don't do sales calls here at Team Holly Maree, but we have put together an easy step by step guide to help you make the decision that is correct for you.

If you want to find out whether you are ready to be a Launch Flow Service client, hit the button below and download the free guide!


A boutique PRE-LAUNCH service created for those who want to LAUNCH THEIR PRODUCT AND SERVICES ONLINE, but don't want to deal with the behind-the-scenes work that needs to happen for a successful launch day.

Launch Flow takes you from product/service creation to launch day, including an in depth review of your offer to make sure it is ready to launch. You create it and we will get it ready to sell!

With a dedicated Project Manager, Offer Intensive Coach, Human Design Expert, Copywriter, Graphic Designer and Client Relationship Manager on your launch team, you are set up for a profitable launch without having to do it all yourself, learn it all yourself or go through the hassle of finding, interviewing, hiring and managing a team that understands launching like we do.

Our commitment is to help you bring your creations to the world with ease and flow, deeply honoring you, your creation and your future clients and customers as we complete all of your launch prep in just 30 business days (from the date of the CRM call and final invoice payment).

Don’t need the Offer Intensive? We got you! Get Launch Flow without the Offer Intensive for $3999AUD. Contact us at [email protected] to arrange it.

**This program is by application only and is not exclusive to Manifestors. All types are encouraged to apply! Please ignore the “Buy Now” button in the banner and follow “Apply for Launch Flow” button to fill in the Google application form.**

Stop trying to do it all alone.

If you know your energy is not best spent sweating the details.

If you believe that there is more than enough money to go around.

If you need a push to stop *thinking* about it and start taking ACTION.

We would love to support you.


I know, it sounds almost too good to be true.

You might be thinking...

Is it really possible to have sold out launches without doing it all myself?

Is it lazy...(or arrogant!) to think that I can just outsource all of this and make more money while doing less?

Can I stop doing the busy work and simply focus on my soul work?

Um YEP. You CAN,
And actually, you SHOULD.

Our past clients have all said the same - 'I can't believe how easy this was'.

If you have the product, program or service, the audience and the confidence to sell your work, you CAN outsource successfully and easefully with Launch Flow.

Why make it harder than it needs to be? We've created a new way to launch prep that allows YOU to focus on what's most important and leave behind the rest. 

This service is for creators, teachers, coaches and artists who want to uplevel their launches with less work, and more FLOW.

Leave stressful launching behind. We've got you.




When you've got a product or service that's ready to sell, we've got the skills, experience and expertise to help you do it with ease.


Apply for the Launch Flow Service using the application link on this page. This process helps us ensure that we can help you have a successful launch. We want to work with entrepreneurs that are primed to have a profitable launch, so you walk away feeling delighted by your results!


Once your application is approved and payment is received, you fill out a project planning prep form and then book in your call to meet with your Offer Intensive Coach. We'll provide you with a detailed review of your offer, share insights and provide intimate coaching.


You will schedule your call with our Project Manager and Client Relationship Manager. We will review your launch in detail and discuss any add-ons you'd like for your launch so we can send you your customised invoice. You'll then receive a link to book your 1:1 Human Design advisory session so you can learn exactly what your product/service is here to do in the world and how you can best support it with your design.

We take care of YOU.

With your launch date in mind and our 30 business day turnaround set (from the CRM call and final invoice payment), we've got you covered! Take the pressure off of physically prepping the launch itself, and use your extra time to focus on connecting with your audience, aligning your energy, and bringing forward the best service and product possible. Together, we are making a more streamlined experience of serving the world with your gifts!

All the prep you need for a successful launch.

If you want impact, income and ease - we're your team.

If you've ever launched a product, program or service before, you know that your most important job when launching is to connect with your community.

That becomes super difficult to do when you're creating all the backend, copy and graphics on your own, trying to juggle learning different launch strategies by yourself or trying to manage a team of contractors.

Launch Flow helps give you the peace of mind that all of the details are taken care of, so you can avoid overwhelm and do what you do best: serve your audience.

Want to see the Launch Flow Service in detail?

Download the brochure to view everything that is included, plus potential add-ons and platforms we work with.


Meet Your Launch Team!

I am so happy to present to you our full launch team. They are skilled, passionate, experienced and ready to bring their best to honoring the work you are doing in the world and preparing it for launch.

Holly is a 4/6 Splenic Manifestor, Spiritual Teacher and Human Design expert activating people into success by teaching them a new narrative. She believes deeply in the sovereignty of creating your own rules. She is an expert in successfully launching in the online space, understanding the energetics of the creations we release into the world and comes from a 14 year history in multi-million dollar business.

Holly will be analyzing your personal Human Design as well as the design of your product, program or service to gain high level energetic and practical insight that will boost the success of your launch. She will personally meet with you to share these insights, allowing you to take complete energetic ownership of your creation.

Holly Maree


Taylor is a 1/3 Emotional Manifestor. As a mentor, teacher, and strategist — she is made to catalyze anyone into new dimensions of authenticity whether in business or life. Her aim is that we all experience wealth in every dimension. She is a Co-Host of The Hunting for Purpose Podcast and Support Teacher for the Manifestor Mastery Certification with The Holly Maree Team and the Offer Intensive Coach for The Launch Flow Services.

Taylor will be your Offer Intensive Coach. She will provide you with a detailed review of your offer, share insights on any recommended changes and provide intimate coaching on your own limitations/fears/wounds that may be holding you back in creating a powerfully aligned offer.

Taylor V

Her Work!

Tasha is a 5/1 Splenic Manifestor, and works as the Virtual Assistant for The Holly Maree Team. She has vast experience outlining, creating and launching products and courses. Her knowledge of online systems is profound! She has worked as a Client and Community Consultant as well as a Productivity and Business Coach and is looking forward to lending you a hand to create the impact you deserve.

Tasha will be your Client Relationship Manager and System Admin, making sure you feel amazing about handing over your project to the rest of the team. She will also be completing the backend work on your launch prep. Including product details, payment integration, sales page set up and email campaigns.

Tasha Robitaille


Geoff is the in-house Project Manager for Team Holly Maree. With a 20 year career history as a Senior Project Manager for multi-billion dollar government projects, there is no project that Geoff cannot refine into a seamless and profitable outcome. As a 4/6 Splenic Projector, his energy loves to support and guide new creations into successful goals.

During the Launch Flow Service, Geoff will be your Project Manager, designing the flow of your project for our team, as well as managing deliverables. He will be making sure that all the i's get dotted and the t's crossed before we hand over your files. Geoff ensures nothing is missed and that every deliverable is of the highest quality. Yes, you can finally let the detailed management of your launch go!

Geoff Herbig

Erika is a 5/1 Splenic Projector, and has spent many years as the creative branding and graphics genius behind The Holly Maree business. She is an Intuitive Graphic Designer who specializes in the fusion of your business Masculine energy (strategy) and the Feminine design energy to create the prefect alignment of visual marketing that represents your business aura.

Erika will be creating the branded and aligned graphics that you will use to promote your product, service or program in email campaigns, website and social media. She will be using your fonts, colours and branding, as well as tapping into the energetic frequency of your offering to ensure that the graphics artistically support your creation.

Erika Michelle


We have a curated team of highly skilled and experienced in-house Copywriters who are just itching to create the most amazing copy for your launch. This team includes both Manifestors and Projectors who have a wealth of experience in writing high converting copy for online products and services. Their skills include sales pages, email campaigns, social media posts and confirmation emails.

The Copywriter team will be supporting all your sales copy needs from your sales page, through all your email copy and wrapping it up into brilliant social media sales copy. You will have a dedicated Copywriter from our team who will work closely with your Customer Relationship Manager to ensure that your product or service is sold to the audience who is ready to buy from you!

Our Team of Copy Writers

Let's Launch!

"Working with Holly has been one of the best investments I have made (and I have invested  100k+ in my growth and biz). She understands Human Design on a deep deep level- and has such a talent for being able to share it in a way that really lands and is transformational. She is incredibly authentic and an inspiration for me in the coaching industry to be able to run a business with integrity, realness, and depth. Her knowledge about Manifestors has allowed me to understand my design like never before- not only from her knowledge but from embodying what it means to be an aligned Manifestor"

"Working with Holly was the best! She has such an expansive wealth of knowledge and it was completely at my fingertips! Holly's so great at making it all digestible and actionable too. I felt so seen and listened to and so so validated. I've had multiple HD readings in the past but this mentorship went so deep and truly blew me out of the water. I feel like I know and understand myself on a whole other level!"

"I came across Holly just a couple of weeks ago. At the right time, in the right place, I found her ready for the next big transition. Now was the time to step into my powerful and lovely authentic being as a Manifestor. I know deep inside me, that Holly knows more than I do, so I invested in myself to go 1000%. I committed myself to deconditioning from all I have learned and served me once, but now it’s time for choosing me, myself and I with all I am, with all I come here to share. A big thank you to the lovely Holly who come across to share her wisdom with an unshakable heart und beautiful soul."

You have questions. We got answers.


... HERE!